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Arduino Borealis

Visualize your impact.

Your choices affect climate change.

It's easy to feel helpless and discouraged when contemplating something as enormous as climate change. This art installation aims to raise awareness of how your transportation choices directly impact climate change.

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Find us at Northern Spark

The Northern Spark 2017 theme addresses global climate change. We have created an interactive installation that allows attendees to see how their mode of transportation affects climate change, specifically, how many pounds of CO2 per passenger-mile they are contributing with each mode of transportation.

What it is

Our art is a visualization of the northern lights which grows and changes based on peoples chosen modes of transit. Attendees will shine a light on an arduino sensor from different distances depending on which type of transportation they choose. Modes with smaller carbon footprints will be closer to the sensor (green aurora/positive impact), while less efficient means of transportation will be farther from the sensor (red aurora/negative impact). As people move to more efficient modes of transportation, their positive effect grows, making the aurora--and the world--greener and more beautiful.

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The Team

Arduino Borealis was created by:

While at Hack the Gap 2016.

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